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Our Business 



Digital Wallet and Payment System Business and QR Code Payment Business

Digital payment systems will rapidly develop as the means of remittance and payment throughout the world. We have established a system that can be utilized in various industries and business, particularly those involving international digital payments, by integrating cryptocurrencies, legal tender, and digital points. We provide planning, R&D, customization, and consulting for various types of digital payment systems to provide customized solutions.


Digital finance and cryptocurrency exchange business

We offer a leading-edge cryptocurrency exchange.



Gaming Software Development and Verification Business

The Next Generation Digital Gaming believes in the monetary, social, and individual value digital gaming yields. We provide planning, R&D, and consulting for digital gaming platforms which intend to connect game engineers and players around the world in one digital community.


Security System Development Business

As digitalization brings convenience to every aspect of our lives and around the world, the security of sensitive information, including personal information, is becoming an immediate challenge. We are researching and developing support to provide reliable security information.



eCO2 Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Power Generation System

Energy consumption is increasing faster than the world's economic development. As the limits and dangers of fossil fuels have become alarmingly realized, the growth of renewable energy is increasing and essential for our future. We are expanding our research, development, and support of alternative environmental energy solutions, while seeking new technologies that focus on sustainability and renewability that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


International Food Business

Based on the SDGs, we aim to provide the world with waste-free, fresh, and high-quality Japanese food products. Through restaurants and food distribution, we strive to enhance global food culture.



International Transportation Business

Centering on SDG energies, we aim for global expansion of services that safely transport people and goods, regardless of land, sea, or air.

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