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Corporate Regulations

Corporate Governance

ZANN CORPORATION GROUP takes pride in our established corporate governance system. We are committed to fair and transparent management in compliance with laws and regulations of the highest ethical standards. Our company has established a system of regular employee checks to ensure that each employee maintains the same ethical standards based on our corporate philosophy.

At ZANN CORPORATION GROUP, each employee is thoroughly trained in the Code of Conduct. Regardless of one’s position or responsibility, everyone is expected to perform in accordance with this Code of Conduct. We perform regular training based on the manual to ensure that employees have a deep understanding and are able to implement the Code of Conduct and maintain compliance.
A note to our shareholders and investors
We at ZANN CORPORATION GROUP have begun preparations to be listed on the U.S. stock market. We are currently a publicly traded over-the-counter company in the U.S. and are undergoing a comprehensive reorganization to meet the criteria for a higher market listing. We were pleased to receive a request from a U.S. investment bank to share our past achievements and future projects with the world on this exchange. With your support, we will continue to work hard to achieve a market capitalization above 200 million dollars within a few years.

Social Contribution Activities

A company is a part of society and its development is dependent on society’s progress as a whole. As such, we believe corporate activities must always be conducted in harmony with society as a whole. In addition to legal compliance and environmental preservation, we believe that social contribution activities are an essential requirement in a world where corporate image is continuously questioned. We at ZANN CORPORATION GROUP, will devote our daily efforts to providing our shareholders and customers satisfaction grounded by our "pioneering spirit.” We will maintain our company’s commitment to contribute to the prosperity of society as a whole through our social contribution activities.

Human Resource Development

ZANN CORPORATION GROUP is a group of specialists with an extensive range of knowledge. Through various human resource development activities, our goal is to pass down our unique sets of knowledge and values to each generation and member of our company. Through these activities, we strive to continually develop our human resource department on a daily basis.
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