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Management Policy 

Mid-term Management Strategy

"Mid-Term Management Strategy for 2024-2026: Social Contribution through the Realization of Comprehensive Digital Finance" A new mid-term management strategy spanning two years from 2024 has commenced, aiming for social contribution through the challenge and realization of global digitalization. With the spirit of exploration and the challenge of digitalization as our goals, we aim to become the strongest digital global company, with all employees working together as one.

Business Environment 

"Mid- to Long-Term Management Capturing the Growth and Needs of Emerging Countries" Emerging countries continue to sustain economic development and growth. However, we recognize the significant risk of performance deterioration due to factors such as the deepening of global fiscal issues, slowing growth rates in emerging economies, and uncertainties in the international commodity market. Under such circumstances, we will conduct mid- to long-term management that incorporates the growth and needs of emerging countries towards digitalization, while paying attention to economic trends and global financial movements.

Quantitative Plan

"Strengthening the Business Revenue Base for the Mid to Long Term" In this environment, based on our business conditions centered on digital technologies, we forecast a net profit of 8 billion yen for the fiscal year ending December 2024. We view this year as a time to solidify our business foundation, with steady progress in past investment projects. For the fiscal year ending December 2025, we aim for a net profit of 10 billion yen, aiming for an increase in profitability and revenue generation through the expansion of our digital business and the improved profitability of business assets, in addition to the earnings performance of past investment projects. Furthermore, in 3 to 5 years, we envision a total asset of 80 billion yen and a net profit of 170 to 200 billion yen, aiming for further strengthening of our digital business revenue base.

Pioneers of Evolution

Based on the philosophy of the spirit of exploration, we continue to evolve daily. In a world that is rapidly changing due to global digitalization, we always aim to discern the times, embodying the spirit of "exploration and evolutionary creation." As the strongest digital global company, we strive to be a future corporation that contributes to the revitalization of the Asian economy and the digital development of the global economy.

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