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​Message   ご挨拶


In a world characterized by globalization and shaped by information and communication technology, our evolving information society lives in an era of new discoveries and remarkable transitions.

As a publicly traded over-the-counter company in the United States, ZANN CORPORATION GROUP aims to be at the forefront of this era and evolve from a global perspective as we expand our business in and from Asia.

We will continue to expand our company and build systems that enable the ZANN CORPORATION GROUP businesses to quickly respond and transition along with globalization.

In addition, we seek further challenges through ventures that support cultural activities and environmental issues in each region.

We look forward to your continued guidance and support of ZANN CORPORATION GROUP.

Corporate Philosophy / 企業理念

Led by our pioneering spirit, our company aims to foster a future society which embodies coexistence, co-prosperity, symbiosis, mutual benefit, and empathy. 

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